4912 South Miami Blvd.
Durham, NC 27703
919-474-9800 -Phone

Ten room are reserved at the Holiday Inn Express. These rooms will be held under the name of Daniel-Bush Reunion. The room rate is $71.00 per night.  This rate will be valid as long as there are rooms available, up to and including July 6, 2007.  After this date, you will be subject to the current seasonal rates and availability of rooms. This rate also includes a free breakfast. 

Hotel Reservations:

Click here to proceed directly to the online reservation desk for the Daniel-Bush Reunion.

Note:  Hotel price does not include tax and other charges and are contigent upon at least 10 rooms being booked.  If ten rooms are not booked, prices are subject to change.  There is also shuttle service from and to the hotel and to local businesses (within a 5 mile radius).

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