Our Matriarch - Clara Daniels
Our Matriarch - Clara Daniels
 Clara was born in Johnston, South Carolina on April 16, 1877.
Her father and mother were Simeon and Annie Daniel, both of whom were slaves Their dates and places of birth are unknown. Slavery ended in the United States with the ratification of the 13th amendment in December 1865. Clara was born twelve (12) years after slavery ended.

Simeon and Annie Daniel had five (5) children Their names were Clara,John Emery,Gus,Florence and Narcissus. Clara and John Emery were the only two (2) Daniel siblings who had children.

Clara's  grandfather was named Mobley, an enslaved african from the western coast of Africa. He was brought over on a slave ship and was sold to a family named Daniel in South Carolina. This is how we received the last name Daniel. As it was customary in that time, that slaves would take on the last name of their slavemaster.

It is not fully know how the family arrived in Mississippi. However, they ended up in Hinds county in the town of Bolton Mississippi. 

The family continued to migrate over the years throughout the south. The family members that moved northward toward Memphis retained the "ORIGINAL" name of Daniel. Where as those remaining in the Mississippi delta added a slight variation. It is not know when or why but an "S" was added ,thus creating Daniels.
 This is the history as to how the "S" came about.

Clara was married several times respectfully to Mr. West,
Mr. James Amos Sr. and Mr. Williams. The union with Mr, West produced two (2) daughters, Lillie West-Bridges and Annie West-Foster. The union with Mr. James Amos Sr.  produced five (5) children Joseph, John Emery (J.E.), James Jr., Mamie and Daisy Amos.
In 1925, on the Allendale plantation owned by Mr. L.B. Wilkerson, the family reunion began in Shelby, Mississippi. The family brought 200 pounds of ice to make ice cream and lemonade for the first family gathering. Clara brought goat and duck meat, and her brother (John Emery) and sister-in-law (Ruby) had plenty of pickled beef and chicken. Ruby Daniel made plenty of plain cake, which was her husband’s favorite dessert, buttermilk custards, potato salad, and many other foods.

For many years, the family would gather on the 4th
th of July for their annual dinner. However, the family began to marry, start their own families, and move away to other cities.

After the family began expanding and moving away, the annual dinner was changed to the Daniel family reunion. Later on, the name was changed to the Daniel-Bush Family Reunion in honor of John Emery and Ruby Jane Bush-Daniel. The date of the reunion was again changed to the second weekend in August in order to attend our home church, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Shelby, Mississippi. Most recently, the reunion date was changed back to the month of July to better accommodate family and work schedules.

In later years, many more of the family members have taken part in the family reunion. We have traveled to different cities where our relatives live, including Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Greenville, and Memphis.

In past years, there have been many versions of the Daniel family reunion, held in Shelby, Memphis and elsewhere. As of August 11, 1999 in Greenville, Mississippi, Christine Daniel-Hill and Tony Amos met at Lillie West- Bridges funeral. On this date, the family reunification process began. Over that year they exchanged letters,postcards and phone calls, in an effort to one day bring the Daniel family back together. The dream, which long ago had been visualized has now become realized.

May the legacy of the "Daniel Family Reunion" continue for many generations to come.



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